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Jaime Fox has a very familiar name, but the similarities with the "other" Jamie Foxx end at both their abilities to soulfully wail "Georgia on My Mind." After releasing her debut album, "Crossing Over" in July 2006, the Nashville singer-songwriter hit the road hard promoting the project without the help of a major label. "The bottom line," notes Fox, "is country listeners know good music, and the fan base is very inter-connected. If you can win over one country fan, you better believe that fan will spread the word. Country fans are extremely loyal." Since releasing that first independent album, Fox released two more solo projects, "The Devil Was An Angel Too" and "Last One Standing," both currently available on iTunes.

With all the time spent on the road over the years, one might wonder how Jaime finds time to do anything else. "Honestly, I breathe music, so I spend most of my free time doing things related to it." The fair-haired singer also has a big heart for the causes she believes in, and uses her music to bring attention to foundations like the National Foster Parent Association and the Tennessee Foster and Adoptive Care Association. In the last year, Fox started her own non-profit foundation called "We Will Rise Nashville" which is dedicated to providing children in transition exposure to enriching activities in arts and athletics. "I was blessed with two parents who love me and gave me a beautiful childhood," says Jaime. "Every child deserves that, and I'm doing what I can to help children find permanent homes." She penned the national campaign song for the Walk-Me-Home Foster Care Walk-a-thon with fellow songwriters, Si Hill and Bruce Wallace. Since releasing the song, Jaime has travelled throughout the United States performing at Foster Care events to help raise awareness for this important cause.

It may be hard to believe that since moving to Nashville on her own and releasing music with no label support, Jaime has been able to accomplish her dream of being working artist while also making a difference in her community. But, the artist lives by her own mantra - "If you want things to happen, you gotta make it happen for yourself." Of course while Jaime's main purpose is to spread her music and her message far and wide, she admits to secretly having one other dream fulfilled. "One day I'd like someone to go up to Jamie Foxx and say, 'Hey, I thought you were supposed to be a blonde country singer!'"