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HannahFrederick, 17

I kind of need urgent help, but I have no way to reach out to anyone, so I am here making this post. I feel really embarrassed, and kind of silly. I stopped taking my pills a few months ago, since my mother and step-dad believe I do not need them anymore. I do not see a counselor anymore, since three of my past ones had quit. I overall had seen five counselors. I was admitted into an institution last year due to my suicide attempt, but was sent home two weeks later for "good behavior." The bullying started in fourth grade, and my parents divorced when I was eleven, which is what is believed to have caused my depression. I suffer from social anxiety, and actually throw up when I am in big crowds with unusual faces. I have very poor self esteem. I started my self-harming in 7th grade. I am what everyone calls these days a "pot head" and my counselors had tried to get me help with my sex addiction. Currently, I live with my mom and my abusive step-dad. And my six siblings. My dad has not talked to me since I was caught having sex with a man in my dads house when I lived with him, five months ago. I just wanted to tell you a little about me before I tell you what's going on. I just don't have anyone else to talk to, I feel silly typing this and asking for help. How can I help myself?

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  • HannahFrederick, it sounds like you have survived a great deal of adversity in your life. You are strong and brave to reach out for support.
  • Given the things that you have been through, it is understandable that you would be depressed and anxious.
  • You might consider that stopping medication and the use of illicit drugs, such as marijuana, can often increase feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • There can be times when things become too overwhelming to manage by yourself and during those times you have every right to have support.
  • Consider that you may be in need of immediate assistance. You may reach out to a trusted friend or loved one.
  • If this isn't an option for you, there are other supports available to you who can help right now. There are support hotlines on TeenCentral. Net that you might use.
  • It sounds like you feel that there have been people who have let you down; but there are people who want to help.
  • Often problems that seem to be unsolvable in the moment can be tackled with time and support.
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